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ABA Team

Psychologist &
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Tracy Pritzl, PsyD, BCBA-D

Tracy Pritzl, PsyD, BCBA-D is a co-owner of ABN and serves as the Executive Director of Clinical Operations.  She is a licensed psychologist and licensed and board certified behavior analyst in the State of Wisconsin.  Dr. Pritzl oversees the ABA treatment program and all clinical staff.  She also supervises and mentors graduate students pursuing master degrees and certifications in the field of ABA.


Dr. Pritzl has provided ABA treatment to hundreds of children on the autism spectrum.  She is experienced at completing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of young children and in-depth psychological and educational testing assessments.   Dr. Pritzl is dedicated to providing quality, research-based, treatment to children with autism.  Dr. Pritzl incorporates her skills as a psychologist within her behavior analysis work with all children.  She considers each child’s developmental and emotional needs when designing treatment programs and training staff. Dr. Pritzl values each child's unique interests and personality and enjoys watching new skills emerge!  She is dedicated to ensuring that neurodiversity is ​valued and each child is treated with respect and dignity.  

Dr. Pritzl enjoys working with families to ensure that the treatment matches the family’s needs.  She believes it is essential to be realistic when developing behavior plans and treatment plans so that the family will be supported and can learn new ways to support the child at home.  Dr. Pritzl considers the child, family, and living environment when recommending which skills should be prioritized.   

Behavioral Treatment Therapists

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Behavioral Treatment Therapists (BTTs) are an essential part of an ABA treatment team.  They help plan for the child's treatment and train staff to implement the treatment program.  The directly supervise all technicians working with ABA clients. BTTs have the pleasure and privilege of working directly with the child, the family, and all members of the treatment team. 

From L to R: Julie, Jess, Wendie, Maria.

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