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ABN’s clinic team works with autistic children, between the ages of 2-8, in the Wauwatosa clinic.  We specialize in using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to teach children important life-long skills such as: communication, daily living, and “learning to learn” skills.  Behavior Technicians are an integral part of the ABN therapy team.   A Behavioral Technician forms a meaningful relationship with the child and learns to modify the environment to better match the child’s emotional and developmental needs. The behavioral technician works within a team of other technicians and professionals and receives paid training in ABA. The behavioral technician uses both play-based and structured learning techniques with clients. 


If you have an interest in working with young children – a Behavior Technician position is one to consider! 

Requirements for a Behavior Technician position:

  • Minimum of a 6 month commitment.

  • Wage rate is based on experience and current level of education.

  • Full-time (32-40 hours weekly) or Part-time (6-31 hours weekly) positions are available.

  • Ability to lift a 50 pound child, sit on the floor, crawl, kneel, squat, and crouch consistently throughout work shift

Behavioral Treatment Therapist

Behavioral Treatment Therapists are the team leaders for the children in the ABN clinic.  Behavioral Treatment Therapists develop the plan of care for their clients.  They train the Behavior Technicians to develop play-based teaching skills and to alter the environment to foster learning.  Behavioral Treatment Therapists work closely with a BCBA and psychologist to ensure that high-quality, compassionate ABA services are provided to each client. 


If you have experience in ABA and are interested in a meaningful career, a Behavioral Treatment Therapist position may be a good fit for you!

Requirements for a Behavioral Treatment Therapist position:

·    Minimum of a 12 month commitment.

·    Bachelor’s degree in a human services field.

oEducation in ABA is preferred, but not required.

·    2000 hours of experience in ABA (can be working towards this at the time you apply).

·    Wages are based on your experience and level of education.

·    Working hours are flexible.

·    Part-time and full-time positions are available.

·    Positions begin as a mentoring process, until you are qualified and trained to be a Behavioral Treatment Therapist.

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